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The Head Witch in Charge


Magic. We all have it. We are all imbued with some sort of power that makes shit happen. It could be with the words we speak, inspiring others to reach for their goals or the art we make with each stroke of a paint brush on canvas. Magic is in the houses we make homes, the words we whisper to ourselves daily, positive or negative. Magic is in the trees, the water, animals, insects. Nature is magic.

We are magic. 

This is a large basis as to why I wanted to create Bad (W) Omen. Bad (W) Omen is not another metaphysical shop. Yes, we cater to all your witchy needs, but I wanted to also welcome those that are new, that are curious, that are looking for guidance in their lives. Bad (W) Omen is a place to feel empowered, no matter your walk of life. We offer a place to feel welcomed, a place where you can ask questions and not feel like you just infringed on an exclusive club.

Bad (W) Omen is where Bad Women (see what I did there?), Bad Men and everyone in between can be their magical selves. So, welcome. Welcome to my little dark corner of badass witchery. 

-Michelle (a Bad Woman)

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